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Eqclusive Haas Brush sets

Eqclusive brush packs have been designed to target specific problems of each type of horse’s coat. As horses have three different types of coats, they created three different packs. Eqclusive Packs clean the coat from the skin right to the top coat, then give the amazing shine. The first brushes go deep into the coat, right to the skin, and need to be made of the same type of hair that your horse has. The density of the brush is important, as this is what gives you the ability to go through the coat, clean the skin and  pores, and give amazing results. The next brush in the pack will then start to clean the top coat and get the ultimate shine!

All sets come with instructions, a free curry comb and delivery included

Grey/White/Coloured Horse Set

Grey/White/Coloured pack £80 (includes a free curry comb and delivery)

Light Bay/Chestnut Horse Set

Light Bay/Chestnut Set £82 (includes a free curry comb and delivery)

Black/Dark Bay Horse Set

Black/Dark Bay Set £100 (includes a free curry comb and delivery)

Universal Horse Pack

(SOLD OUT) Universal Set £125 (Includes free curry comb and delivery)

Haas Children’s Sets

Pink Set
Blue Set

Haas Children’s Set £25

Colour :

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