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The Equilibrium Therapy for horses range includes the horse massage range and the horse magnetic range. The Therapy products have been developed based on solid scientific innovation and is designed to help prevent injuries, heal and promote the wellbeing of the horse, both physically and mentally.

Benefits of Massage and Magnetic Therapy

Promotes the release of the happiness hormone, endorphin, helping your horse relax and bond with you. It can increase blood circulation and increase flexibility

Equilibrium Massage Pad

Equilibrium Massage Pad £299 with free delivery

Equilibrium Massage Mitt

Equilibrium Massage Mitt £99 with free delivery

Magnetic Chaps

Magnetic Chaps £79.95 with free delivery

Size :

Hot and Cold Packs

Hot and Cold Packs £19.95

Turn your magnetic chaps into hot or cold therapy boots

Crunchit Treats

Crunchit Treats £4.50

Crunchit Advent Calender

Crunchit Advent Calender £4.95

SimplyIrresistible Vegetable

SimplyIrresistible Vegetable £9.95

SimplyIrresistible Fruit

Simply Irresistible Fruit £9.95

Vitamunch Hedgerow

Vitamunch £18

Vitamunch Meadow

Vitamunch Meadow £18 (SOLDOUT)

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