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I have been using Idolo halters and tether ties for the last 8 years, they have really made things easier,they are kinder safer and easier for both horse and handler, probably one of the best things I have purchased.

Plain Nose Pressure Halter


Plain Pressure Halter Cob Size £20

Idolo pressure halters are made from high quality rope. They will not stretch and the knots will not come undone like cheaper alternatives on the market.

Rope halters tend to be the preferred choice for most horse trainers. The knots on a rope halter create pressure points to the sensitive areas of the horse’s head and face: his nose and his pole. It may sound a little harsh but if your horse is running you over when your leading them that is obviously a dangerous situation to be in. Your horse needs to respect your space.

Coloured Nose Pressure Halter


Coloured Nose Pressure Halter Pony Size £28

Idolo Tether Tie


Idolo Tether Tie £16


2x Idolo Tether Tie for £30


5x Idolo Tether Tie for £60

An unique knotless safety release system is the number one replacement to baler twine. Made in the UK from high grade industrial nylon. It is based on pressure and release with a choice of two pressures, achieved by simply turning the Tether Tie over. Easy to use, reusable for years to come and ready to go straight out of the packet. You are able to use the Tether Tie with almost any rope, this lightweight, strong and rustproof tool is a valuable asset to any tack box. Avoid serious neck injuries and make your yard a safer place today.

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