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MP Gloss Products

Revitalize Oil


Revitalize Oil 100ml £9.50


Revitalize Oil 250ml £17.50


Revitalize Oil 500ml £27.25


Revitalize Oil 1000ml £35.75

‘Revitalize’ the skin and coat with this unique conditioning HOT OIL enriched with natural oils.
Containing Green Tea Oil (Cemellia Senenthis) & a proprietary blend of water dispersible natural oils selected to nourish the skin and hair which may help improve dry flaking skin, moisturise the hair follicle and improve the coat from damage from the sun – leaving your horses coat gleaming.
Excellent to use post clipping to restore and nourish the skin and coat and preshow for that show ring gleam.
Add 50-100ml in 2-3 litres of warm water, sponge over the coat , no need to rinse. Can be used daily as a grooming aid to improve the skin and condition also.

Diamond Dazzle


Diamond Dazzle £22.95

MP Diamond DAZZLER Coat Shine is put simply our ‘Liquid Gold’ in hair shine products.

Containing Rosehip oil, Argan and liquid Shine polymers this product hydrates, moisturizes and promotes healthy hair as well as adding instant shine!

Diamond Dazzler can be misted lightly over the coat, mane and tail and brushed through for instant shine on show day.

Amazing when used on a clean wet coat after washing. Simply spray, brush through and rug. Leaves the coat sleek and shiny for showing the next day.

Diamond Gloss Detangler Spray


Diamond Gloss Detangler 250ml £13.50


Diamond Gloss Detangler 500ml £18.50

MP Diamond Gloss Detangler Spray is the perfect solution for brushing manes and tails with ease. Creating a smooth, non-greasy feel to the hair with a reflective finishing shine as the end result wthout the oily residue.Also contains Shine Polymers, Natural silicones, Argan oil and coconut oil for their moisturizing properties.Use once a week to detangle or at shows for a glossy shine without the dust build up most oily products leave

Oh So Colour Shampoo


Oh So Shampoo £16.50
Colour :

MP OH SO COLOUR SHAMPOO is a colour enhancing shampoo designed to clarify and enhance the depth of colour temporarily on hair. Our pearlescent ALL natural shampoo base is gentle on the skin and moisturising to the coat.
BUILD colour with frequent washing.

CHESTNUT for lighter bays and chestnuts wanting to enhance vibrant auburn highlights.BROWN for a deeper more chocolatey colour all over BLACK to enrich, and clarify a dull black coat. SILVER for Grey, Palomino plus white socks and tails

Xtreeme Cover Creme


Xtreeme Cover Creme £16.95

Showing and sun-safe have never been so easy!

MP Xtreeme White is a white cover cream to enhance white hair on stars, socks and markings and even create areas of colour not there before. MP Xtreeme White is also a physical barrier product that contains UV filters accepted for these properties as a sunscreen when used on healthy, undamaged intact skin.

Easy to use, no mess, flip top tube, less contamination guaranteed. External Animal Use Only

Top Gloss


Top Gloss 100ml £13.50
Top Gloss 100ml :


Top Gloss 200ml £16.50
Top Gloss 200ml :

MP ‘TOP’ Gloss CLEAR and MP ‘TOP” Gloss BLACK are the ultimate glosses for your horses face makeup. Contain natural oils and waxes. Used on the face to ‘highlight’ this gloss will create a look that shines like glass.. Can be used with or without the other MP Gloss Products underneath.
For application to animals only

Diamond Shine Shampoo


Diamond Shine Shampoo £14.00

MP Diamond Gloss Body Wash is gentle cleansing shampoo in a glycerine base. Contains natural ingredients to soothe, nourish and protect the hair and skin. Does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulphate. PH balanced.External Animal Use Only

Ultimate Black


Ultimate Black £14.50

All in one gloss and colour make-up , contains natural oils, best used on the face to highlight, enhance or cover brown hair, particularly a mealy brown. Apply sparingly with a dry cloth – a little goes a long way.
Intense temporary colour coverage in black.
100ml handy flip top lid bottle.
For Application to Animals Only

Xtreeme Sox


Xtreeme Sox 200g £24.50


Xtreeme Sox 500g £35.00

MP XTREEME SOX POWDER is the ultimate in sock whitening powders, not only does it brighten and whiten the hair and can be used to create and enhance markings on your horse but now it has been recognised as a physical barrier product – meaning it can also be used as a natural SUNSCREEN!!!

MP XTREEME SOX POWDER contains UV Filters that are suitable for topical application to normal, healthy intact skin.

Supplied in 200g and 500g containers
(Can be used as a powder or made into a creamy consistency and applied to the area)
For Animal Use Only

Diamond Gel


Diamond Gel £16.75
Colour :

MP has created a product which OUTSHINES baby oil gel, without the nasty mineral oil base, this product will take the show world by storm!
Won’t melt, run or bead in the hottest of conditions but creates that amazing glossy shine we all want, particularly suited to the Arabian, miniatures and show horses.

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