Welsh Cobs Section C & D


Corscaron Comet Aur (2016 Colt)

Sire: Menai Sparkling Imperial  |  Dam: Corscaron Candlelight by Trevallion Tyrone

2nd prize yearling colt at Lampeter stallion show

Sold to Chelsey Babbs, Hampshire to be trained as a dressage stallion

Corscaron Moonray (2016 Filly)

Sire: Corscaron Cymro Llwyd  |  Dam: Crugybar Mirain Mai by Brenig Byron

Sold to Katie Walshaw, Yorkshire to be shown under saddle in the future

Corscaron Anrheg Aur (2017 Filly)
Sire: Menai Sparkling Imperial  |  Dam: Corscaron Delyth by Powysvalley Matty

Geler Seth (2018 Colt)

Sire: Menai Super Star  |  Dam: Geler Heti by Derwen Desert Express

Maternal brother to Geler Rwdolff, Leah, Loti, Glyndwr, Boas and Spartacys

Corscaron Cati (2018 Filly)

Sire: Trevallion Enzo | Corscaron Cet by Avonvalley Union Jack