Foals 2013

Section D


Corscaron Seren Wib

(Sold to North Wales)
Trevallion Tomos x Avonvalley Silvae by Avonvalley Tiger Harry
Dun Filly born 11th of April

Corscaron Seren Wib Corscaron Seren Wib


Corscaron Brythonfab

Corscaron Cymro Llwyd x Cascob Little Black
Bay colt born 1st of May

Corscaron Brythonfab Corscaron Brythonfab


Corscaron Delun

(Sold to Adlais Stud Denmark)
Geler Sparc x Corscaron Desert Maid
Bay Filly born 18th of May

Corscaron Delun Corscaron Delun


Corscaron Madog Mai

(Sold to Scotland)
Corscaron Cymro Llwyd x Crugybar Mirain Mai
Dark Dun colt born 23rd of May

Corscaron Madog Mai Corscaron Madog Mai


Corscaron Deio

(Sold to Susanne Lindh, Linner Stud Sweden)
Trevallion Georgie Boy x Corscaron Dymuniad
Bay Colt born 7th of June

Corscaron Deio Corscaron Deio


Section C


Corscaron Buttercup

Washingpool Llewelyn x Popsters Babooska by Parvadean Lotta Bottle
Palomino Filly 4 Whites born 26th of April

Corscaron Buttercup Corscaron Buttercup